Soul Connections

What do we mean by soul connections? It is when you recognize that you are more than just a physical body. It is a spiritual connection in a higher power that ultimately connects you back to your authentic self. It is often called Spirituality because it doesn't require a religion to experience it.

In the past, there have been two ways people go about finding the meaning in life - Religion and Science. Both seek to connect the dots and come up with reasons why we exist, and what our purpose is. Both are important. Science seeks to explain the how, while Religion seeks to understand the why. Based on my own research, both have positive merits, but they also both have fundamental flaws. It is when we put them together, and look at their overlapping concepts, that we start to see a clear picture into the reality of what life is all about.

Why Seek a Soul Connection?

Everybody is searching for meaning, even if they don't want to admit it. There is a restlessness to the human condition as we go about our typical day engaging in activities we are told are important or necessary. But somehow, it always seems like something is missing? I set out on my own journey 7 years ago to find what was missing in an otherwise perfect life, and this is what I found:


Religion is someone else's version of how to connect to the Divine. It's a second-hand account of someone else's spiritual journey. Many people over eons have tried to write and pass down the rules and beliefs of the generation before them. Every culture has their own version of what is right and wrong, and many times they don't agree. Some religions even preached blind faith, forcing the spiritual seeker to put their trust in religious authorities, who were really more political than spiritual. Instead, we should look to the ancient wisdom of "seek and you shall find". Set out on your own journey of discovery. I set out on my own journey and found the answers I was seeking.  It was not found through any religion. It was not part of any "group collective". Instead it was an inner journey of self discovery.

After reading countless books about religious beliefs from all over the world, I can share with you the concepts that they agreed on: Life is a journey of learning new lessons and becoming a better human being. A kind, loving, considerate person who would help those in need, be non-judgmental (despite what we have been told) and provide unconditional love to everyone. We are striving for an evolution of ourselves. We are already perfect souls before we come here. But then we are born and we feel separated, lonely and have no memory of our Divine nature, so life becomes a journey of rediscovering who we really are.That's it! Don't get caught up in the rules of the past, instead look at the present and your particular journey. We all come here with a purpose and it's always centered around bettering ourselves and more specifically the human condition.


In the past science had been at a disadvantage since it was relying on the ability to physically see the results of scientific experiments. If it didn't physically happen right before the scientists own eyes, he was unable to prove and quantify it. Then the research of Quantum Physics came about and partnered with advanced technology, we are now able to see what was previously invisible to the naked eye. We have now learned that what we see with our physical senses is only a small piece of the reality that is happening all around us and it defies everything we thought we knew about the nature of the universe. Here is what science has discovered:

Everything on the planet and in the universe is made up of vibrating particles of energy. Nothing is solid as it appears. The world is like a hologram or computer program reflecting back data that we initiate and respond to. This energy responds to sound and even thought. We are all like tiny remote controls sending out electrical energy affecting things and people at a distance. This energy never dies, it just changes form. Einstein discovered this back in the 1900's. This explains things like psychic abilities that every body has. We all have the ability to tap into the universal consciousness grid and send and receive information on an energetic level. You are creating everything you experience in the world. Good and bad, so take responsibility for your life experience. Nothing is happening to you, it is happening from you.


 So yes, religion and science agree that we are more than just a physical body, we are light energy.

Connecting to our Soul Energy

As I mentioned earlier, the journey is an individual one. What works for one, may not work for another. Here are some techniques that have worked for many, but ultimately, settle on what resonates with you.

Focus Your Mind 

Mind over matter is a term that has been used for years. It is often used to signify determination and accomplishing goals. But through the scientific discoveries in Quantum Physics, we know that Mind over Matter means something more. It means that our thoughts determine our reality. Our thinking controls our environment in a physical way. The Placebo effect is real! If we believe something is true, it becomes true, whether it be positive or negative. You draw in through the Law of Attraction the vibration that you believe in. If you believe that the world is a harsh place, then it will be in your world. If you believe that the world is beautiful, then it will be. We all live in the same world but our interpretations and perceptions of it vary greatly. This is why it is so important to understand and regulate your thoughts

1. Meditate - Learn to clear your mind of excessive and uncontrolled thoughts. Thoughts send out a transmission, affecting you and the people around you. Learn to focus the mind away from excessive chatter and negative thinking.

2. Practice sending positive thought to others. It will make you feel good as well.

Be in the Present

1. Stay in the present - Remaining present is the key to understanding yourself and others in the moment that it is occurring. If you're focused on the past, the thoughts tend to center around guilt and regret, where thinking about the future can often cause anxiety or stress because these are areas we can't control. We can however affect the current state of our thoughts by acknowledging them, understanding them, and releasing all that no longer serves us.

2. Become Aware - This state of becoming aware of our thoughts and actions allow us to understand why we think and act in certain ways based on our pre-conceived beliefs and the perceptions of what we see. Why do you become angry? Why do you feel unappreciated? Become aware of all your triggers, so you can understand, accept and then release them

Follow Your Intuitive Compass

1. Emotions and Feelings are your intuitive compass - Feel don't think. Sometimes our gut feeling is more accurate than our logical thinking. We think we have all the necessary information to make an informed decision but often we don't. Also our perceptions are often tainted by our pre-conceived beliefs. Intuition is our gut feeling and tells us a lot about people, places and events that we wouldn't otherwise know. I can't tell you how many times I over rode my gut and ended up regretting it. If you feel some situation is not right, it probably isn't. If you are drawn to someone specific, it probably means you will benefit from knowing this person. Stop analyzing and start feeling your way through life.

Use Sound For Healing

1. Heal yourself - Sound Frequencies can heal the body and mind.The frequency of specific sound has been shown to affect and heal a person's physical, mental and emotional state. Calm relaxing music such as soundscapes can assist you in focus and relaxation, and can be used in the background at home or during meditations. You Tube is a great resources for accessing music and guided meditations. Look for these frequencies to address particular problems:


432 Hz - Connecting and Healing

528 Hz - DNA and Cell repair, Love

128 Hz - Releasing stuck patterns, Freeing stored traumas

Binaural Beats - Help balance the left and right hemisphere of the brain

Just reading this information is making you more aware of yourself and bringing you into the present. Finding your passions and your purpose will begin with understanding who you really are first. It is the inner journey. Inner work takes time, so be patient with yourself.

Find Your Purpose

Everyone is born with a purpose. Your purpose will have to do with bettering yourself and the human condition. Each of us have specific talents that contribute to the greater good. To discover yours, you only need to look at what you love to do. What activity do you feel drawn to? When you do it, you lose all track of time. Is is writing, or painting? Do you love the healing industry or business? Whatever it is, you will do it with passion and integrity and feel drawn to making a difference that will eventually help others in the process. I know our society is fueled by financial survival but that is no excuse for not following your passions. Start small, aside from your normal job or on the weekends. Detach a little from the hamster wheel of life and begin to discover what it is you truly want to be doing with your own life. Money will eventually follow. Some of the greatest success stories of Entrepreneurs started with passion and little or no resources. If you are one to make excuses, know that excuses are just your fear of change. Don't let fear dictate your life. 

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Doreen began her career in International Training and Development working for a large corporation. Disillusioned with the business world, she sought to expand her creative side and pursue her passion for interior design.


After working as a designer for a number of years she felt a calling to seek deeper meaning in life and began researching metaphysical and spiritual topics. These topics opened a door and she began experiencing profound intuitive connections and a spiritual awakening.


With degrees in Psychology and Social Behavior, Metaphysical Sciences and Holistic Life Coaching, Doreen is working to educate others about her journey through her research and writing. She is also a Certified Reiki Healer. Her goal is to help others find their authentic selves through body, mind, and soul connections.

Doreen Spriet - M. Sc., Ph. D.
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