The Fountain of Youth

You are what you eat! Everything that goes into your body is either allowing the cells to work at full capacity or it's not. If you look like your aging on the outside, it's probably the food on the inside that is creating that less than perfect skin.

As you probably know from my other blogs, I love simplicity. The more complicated something gets, the less likely I gravitate towards it and the less likely it will be accomplished. Nature is simple; and so are we. Ditch the expensive chemical ridden products in the store and get back to basics. It will help your health, your skin, and also your pocket book. Getting back to nature helps us to recoup our youth through ancient natural remedies, and puts us back in control of our bodies and minds.

When the body breaks down on the inside through disease or the outside through aging, its time to look at setting ourselves back to square one.


Here are natures remedies for youthful skin:

Aloe Vera - Botox in a plant

Aloe Vera works on the skin in many ways. It's a natural astringent and when left on your face and neck, it will tighten the skin. It also is commonly known to speed recovery from sunburns. It has many healing properties for the skin. I had a mentor who taught me a secret about the Aloe Vera Leaf. He said when the Aloe plants gets enough sunlight they turn red and he called it the "Red Aloe Vera. I have never found a "Red Aloe Vera Plant" in the store but I have seen many Aloe plants turn red from high amounts of sun exposure. Once they are red, they are infused with healing properties of natural sunlight. If you use these red leaves, in tightens and tones your face better than botox!

Skin, Hair, Eyelashes and Nails

Castor Oil is a moisturizer, detoxifying oil, and stimulates the growth of hair and nails.

Castor Oil is very inexpensive. As a moisturizer you can rub it on your elbows knees and heals. It will smooth those rough spots naturally.

Apply it to your stomach and then cover it with a piece of flannel. Apply a heating pad over the material. The heat mixed with the oil reduces bloating, inflammation and acts as a general detoxifying agent.

For hair growth, fill a small bottle with Castor Oil and a drop of Rosemary Essential Oil. Use a eye dropper to place all over your scalp and massage gently once a week or so and you will find new hair growth. Rub onto your hands and smooth onto the ends to keep hair from splitting and strengthen the hair follicles. New hair will come in faster and existing hair will be stronger and not split and break off.

Vitamin A & E

Vitamin A and E are well-known for their skin healing properties. Ancient healers say high amounts of Vitamin A are the secret to youthful skin. Be careful not to rely on vitamin supplements since you can overdose on Vitamin A. Just incorporate more A and E nutrient rich foods into your diet. The body will know how to handle it and balance the nutrients:

A - Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, eggs, Apples

The Gerson Diet founded by Dr Gerson has been curing people of cancer and other degenerate diseases for years. They use the power of juicing carrots and green apples as their secret weapon. The combination of the two tends to speed the recovery of unhealthy and malfunctioning cells.

E - Almonds, spinach, sweet potatoes, avocado, sunflower seeds, butternut squash, tomatoes

Herbal Teas

Fo-ti-Tieng, Ginseng and Gotu Kola are known by the Chinese as the herbs responsible for longevity and youthful appearance. They are also used in Ayurveda healing.

Gray Hair

Gray hair is a sign of melanin reduction produced by the body. Increasing foods rich in copper like almonds, or iron rich such as leafy greens and tomatoes, helps reduce premature graying. He Shou Wu Tea has been know to turn grey hair back to it's original color.

Natural Hair color

Blond - Lemon Juice and coconut oil in the sunlight or Cassia leaf powder with chamomile tea steeped 2 hours. Make into a paste. Apply 1-3 hours then wash out.

Brunette - Sage and rosemary, blackstrap molasses, Indian gooseberry, henna

Age is an illusion. How you feel on the inside will project in your outside appearance. Me at 25, 35, and 45 (sorry the picture quality isn't the best). I feel healthier at 48 than I felt at 25 and I think it shows in my appearance.

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