Creating Sacred Spaces

Our home environment plays a large role in how we feel from day-to-day. Home is where the heart is and you should treat your home as your sacred space. What does your home say about you? Disorganized, chaotic, nostalgic, zen, nature lover? Your home is a reflection of you and the way you choose to decorate it, has lasting effects on how you feel every day.

Feelings and Design

The way your home is designed can affect your mood. It is your sanctuary from the outside world. Here are some key areas to focus on when setting up your home to create the space you want. Forget the trends, since trends come and go. Find design elements and colors that resonate with you.

1. Choosing Color - Choose a color the evokes the mood you want to feel in a particular room. Each color has a psychological effect on the space. Blues are more serene and tranquil and inspire relaxation. Neutrals and greens are very earthy and inspire the feelings of being in touch with nature. Red invokes emotions such as passion for a bedroom, or focus for an office. Red even stimulates the appetite and is great for a dining room.

2. Personalize Your Style - Choose a design style that represents your personality. Of course there are several individual styles and many styles overlap creating a mix of styles, but here are some basic style categories:

Traditional/Old World - Embraces traditions of the past and can be anything from casual to very formal. The colors are usually warm and inviting and promote a sense of comfort.

Contemporary/Modern - Clean lines and minimalist style elements create a feeling of calm and simplicity.

Rustic/Farmhouse - Casual and worn pieces with practicality and function in mind.

Beach/Coastal - Casual and breezy with materials that look like they came straight off the beach. Weathered woods, shells and shades of blues and white convey that relaxed beach feel.

Tropical - Tropical design boasts colors and materials found in a tropical environment. Warm, inviting colors, mimic the sunset and tropical plants provide the feeling that you are living among the rain forest.

Eclectic - Eclectic design brings together everything and anything. It doesn't stick to any rules. Bohemian would be considered an eclectic style. This style is ideal for world travelers as they bring back many design elements from all over the world.

3. Use Meaningful Accessories - Use items that bring joy and are meaningful to you. Accessories and artwork help create a feeling in a room. Think about what you want your room to feel like and choose the pieces that reflect that.

Artwork can be very inspirational, even if you're not a art aficionado. Art is like a window into another world. Choose a piece that inspires you every time you look at it.

4. Don't forget about your outdoor space. Spending time in nature is wonderful for our well being. Set up your outdoor space as if it's as important as the indoor space. Create the environment that draws the energy of what you are looking to use the space for. Entertaining, relaxation or family fun.

Try to incorporate elements of fire, water, earth and air. By adding visual, sound, smell, and touch elements, your home or yard can come alive and tantalize the senses. Examples of ideas that can reflect the four senses are:

Visual - Fire elements, through fireplaces, fire pits, candles and torches.

Sound - Water fountains, chimes or music.

Smell - Flowers that smell sweet like Jasmine.

Touch - Soft cozy blankets and cushy pillows.

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Doreen began her career in International Training and Development working for a large corporation. Disillusioned with the business world, she sought to expand her creative side and pursue her passion for interior design.


After working as a designer for a number of years she felt a calling to seek deeper meaning in life and began researching metaphysical and spiritual topics. These topics opened a door and she began experiencing profound intuitive connections and a spiritual awakening.


With degrees in Psychology and Social Behavior, Metaphysical Sciences and Holistic Life Coaching, Doreen is working to educate others about her journey through her research and writing. She is also a Certified Reiki Healer. Her goal is to help others find their authentic selves through body, mind, and soul connections.

Doreen Spriet - M. Sc., Ph. D.
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