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My name is Doreen Spriet and I have spent the last ten year’s researching holistic systems that affect how we think and feel. Everything from homeopathic self healing methods, to psychological beliefs and how they effect the mind/body connection. My research focuses on the meaning of life and how our personal beliefs alter our state in which we experience the world.

I discovered incredible connections of how our programmed beliefs effect our thoughts in a positive or negative way, and then how they end up manifesting in our lives as our reality. We are actually more in control than we think we are. What we believe, is what we become. Great thinkers throughout time were teaching these self-empowering messages, yet the majority of people were unable to understand the meaning behind them. 


My research has also uncovered some important syncronicities in controversial topics such as world religions, scientific discoveries and the extraordinary world of the paranormal and metaphysics. I noticed that all the world belief systems that usually divide us, surprisingly connect in their messages about the universe and everything in it. I found myself unwittingly drawn into a spiritual journey which led me to discover my deeper side and what some would call the “true self” in the process.

It was a metamorphosis that happened quite naturally changing my perception of the world and creating a understanding of what life was all about. I uncovered drive and passion, and a sense of purpose in the world., that I never had before. I feel like I now understand what the Buddha meant by being "awakened". It's as if I see the world clearly for the first time. I found that sometimes life can seem very complex, and difficult to navigate when we seek answers to our life questions. But oddly enough, the reality is, the answers we seek are simple in nature, and already within us through our intuition. My website is dedicated to sharing my insights and discoveries in health and wellness, mental and emotional clarity and soul connections that may lead you to your own journey in discovering your true self.

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Doreen began her career in International Training and Development working for a large corporation. Disillusioned with the business world, she sought to expand her creative side and pursue her passion for interior design.


After working as a designer for a number of years she felt a calling to seek deeper meaning in life and began researching metaphysical and spiritual topics. These topics opened a door and she began experiencing profound intuitive connections and a spiritual awakening.


With degrees in Psychology and Social Behavior, Metaphysical Sciences and Holistic Life Coaching, Doreen is working to educate others about her journey through her research and writing. She is also a Certified Reiki Healer. Her goal is to help others find their authentic selves through body, mind, and soul connections.

Doreen Spriet - M. Sc., Ph. D.
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